The facility was one of the first post Buncefield oil terminals of its size to be constructed in the UK and Ireland. Originally a brownfield site, the facility took two and a half years to develop, opening for commercial business in October 2010.

The Foynes Terminal boasts a storage capacity of 65,000 tonnes in 16 storage tanks with 5 bottom loading gantries and 1 top loading gantry for vehicle loading, including a Vapour Recovery System. The products stored include Petrol, Kerosene (Jet-A1), Derv, Gas Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil and Biofuel blend products of FAME and Ethanol, complete with marker dye and additive injection systems. Four of the 16 storage tanks were purposely designed and constructed for storing Aviation grade kerosene (Jet-A1).

The terminal has full fire-fighting capability included remotely operated fire-fighting controls and foam generation and has ship bunkering facilities to two jetties.
Atlantic Fuel Supply Company (AFSC) and parent company, Inver Energy (UK), have been clients of PDE since 2004. We continue to provide a range of engineering services to AFSC including Automation project support, remedial works to the terminal and consultative support relating to Health & Safety issues.