The project involved the replacement of fossil fuel steam boilers with solid biomass (wood pellet) steam boilers (circa 4MW) into 4 distilleries in Scotland.

All four of the biomass steam boilers were supplied by Balcas. Balcas is a leading timber products supplier, pioneering biomass renewable energy across the British Isles. The biomass steam boilers burn wood pellets, manufactured by Brites, at their factory in Invergordon.

PDE had an overall coordinating role and were responsible for the wood pellet storage system and all connecting services between the new boiler and the existing distillery. This included a series of energy meters which are used to report usage to OFGEM, allowing the distilleries to claim subsidies under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme.

PDE were also involved in a project prior to this, involving the relocation of two large water storage tanks to make way for the new boiler house.