The 84,000 tonne- capacity oil storage terminal located in Co L’Derry, Northern Ireland was the first oil terminal of its size to be constructed in the UK and Ireland in the preceding few decades. PDE designed and managed the project in its entirety – from concept to commissioning.

Originally a brown field site, the facility took over 2 years to develop, opening for commercial business in 2005.

The terminal’s refined storage capacity is divided between four main products, Unleaded Petrol, Kerosene, Derv (Diesel) and Gas Oil, with Biofuel blend products of FAME and comprises 13 main storage tanks located within an impervious bund system. The terminal is ship-fed from a private jetty in Lough Foyle.

Over the past 14 years, PDE has continued to work closely with LSS, providing all the necessary engineering expertise required to maintain, improve and develop company’s storage & distribution facility in L’Derry. Most recently, PDE have been commissioned to further develop the terminal to include dual-purpose kerosene.