TOP Terminal

TOP Ltd is a long-standing client of PDE. We have been engaged as their Engineering Design Consultants on a range of projects, over the last 10 years.

The purpose of this particular project was to upgrade the client’s fire-fighting systems within its storage and distribution terminal in Dublin Port. The terminal facilities consist of two storage tank farms (one Seveso Top Tier, the other Lower Tie), product transfer systems and road tanker loading bays. The water used for fire-fighting at the terminal is obtained from a fire-water ring main, which is part of the infrastructure of Dublin Port.

The scope of the project encompassed the design and installation of the following

  • A new fire water main within the terminal and associated tie-ins to the Port main
  • A new bund foam pouring system
  • A new tank top foam pouring system
  • A new tank cooling water system
  • Automated control of both the foam and cooling water systems